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      • Wash your hands before you start to prepare  your ‘slam’ and sanitise the area you plan to slam into 
      • Inject towards the heart when injecting into the vein 
      • Dispose of all injecting equipment responsibly (sharps bins etc)
      • Think about other ways to take your chems instead of slamming! You can snort, smoke or ‘booty bump’ (using a syringe to squirt chems up the bum)


      • Don’t share or reuse any slamming equipment, even water 
      • Don’t mix chems or other drugs when slamming 
      • Don’t slam anything if you don’t know what it is or it has been given to you by someone you don’t know
      • Don’t use a needle if you are squirting chems up your bum! 

      Smoking is safer than slamming but does come with its own risks. Hot pipes can burn your lips, which can open skin and increase the risk of transmitting blood borne viruses if you are sharing a pipe. If possible, use your own pipe which you don’t share 

      Used sharps boxes can be disposed of confidentially at Harbour on Mutley Plain or one of the following pharmacies:

      Boots Cattedown
      Boots Drake Circus
      Boots new George Street
      Devonport Pharmacy
      Ebrington Street Pharmacy
      Stoltons West Hoe
      Milehouse Pharmacy
      WELL Compton
      WELL Ham
      WELL Laira
      WELL St Budeaux
      WELL Stonehouse
      WELL Whitleigh