Chemsex Harm Reduction Tips

The Eddystone Trust offers a confidential and non-judgmental service to those who would like support in managing their use of chems. We offer both one to one and group support for people to think about their relationship with chemsex drugs and parties, empowerment to set goals and make changes and help with harm reduction methods.  

All you need to do is click below, fill out the short registration form and a trained member of staff will call you back for an informal and discreet chat.

If you don't want to speak to a member of our team then we have put together the following harm reduction tips for people who are using chems.

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Chemsex Harm Reduction Tips

  • If you are having condomless sex with multiple partners make sure you have a full sexual health screen every three months. You can order an online testing kit via your local sexual health clinic. Get in touch with us for more information on your local clinic
  • Always use condoms and have a good supply even if you are using PrEP.  Whether you are top or bottom, make sure you have some with you, this enables you to be responsible for your own sexual health.  Free condoms can be ordered from our condoms direct service by CLICKING HERE
  • Use gloves for fisting and if you are sharing toys ensure you wash them before each person uses them
  • Use clean pins and works and don't share with anyone else. You can access clean pins via a needle exchange within your local drug service. Get in touch if you want more information
  • When sober, have a think about your boundaries, limits and what you would be prepared to do sexually when having chemsex
  • If you feel unsafe whilst using chems then it is OK to leave

Safer Salmming Tips


  • Wash your hands before you start to prepare  your ‘slam’ and sanitise the area you plan to slam into 
  • Inject towards the heart when injecting into the vein 
  • Dispose of all injecting equipment responsibly (sharps bins etc)
  • Think about other ways to take your chems instead of slamming! You can snort, smoke or ‘booty bump’ (using a syringe to squirt chems up the bum)


  • Don’t share or reuse any slamming equipment, even water 
  • Don’t mix chems or other drugs when slamming 
  • Don’t slam anything if you don’t know what it is or it has been given to you by someone you don’t know
  • Don’t use a needle if you are squirting chems up your bum! 

Smoking is safer than slamming but does come with its own risks. Hot pipes can burn your lips, which can open skin and increase the risk of transmitting blood borne viruses if you are sharing a pipe. If possible, use your own pipe which you don’t share 

Safer Slamming Packs

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to help you to stay safer while slamming


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