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      Free condoms in Devon, Cornwall, Torbay, Plymouth, Gloucestershire & Somerset


      The Eddystone Trust provide free condoms and lube across Cornwall, Plymouth, Devon Torbay, and Gloucestershire via our 'Condoms by Post' service.

      You can also pick up our condoms and lube from various spots across the south west such as saunas, LGBTQ venues and support agencies. Get in touch with us to find out where you can pick up condoms local to you.

      We also deliver the C-Card scheme for under 25's in Gloucestershire meaning that young people can access free condoms via the post or in pharmacies and venues across the area.

      Where can I get free condoms?

      If you are a man, trans or non-binary person who has sex with other men and you live in Cornwall, Plymouth, Devon & Torbay  and Gloucestershire you can access free condoms and lube via The Eddystone Trust's Condoms By Post scheme.

      If you live in Somerset and you are a man, trans or non-binary person who has sex with other men, someone who has sex for money, a member of an African Community or the current pandemic restrictions have made it difficult to access condoms, you can order condoms by post via the SWISH website:
      North Somerset, Bristol & South Gloucestershre
      If you live in North Somerset, Bristol or South Gloucestershire and are a man who has sex with other men, someone who is paid for sex, trans or non- binary, or you are a member of a black, asian or other ethnic community you can access THT's Condoms by post service here:
      Aged 13-25 & in South West:
      If you are between 13-25 and living in the South West click here:
      Please contact us on 0800 328 3508 / 01752 254 406 or email info@eddystone.org.uk if you have any questions or require more info


      Condoms Direct Registration Form The Eddystone Trust


      How do I put on a condom properly? 

      Learn how to put on a condom in this short video with Claire from Condoms Direct.


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