Condoms for Young People

If you're under the age of 25 you can get FREE CONDOMS across the Southwest via the C-Card, C@SHiP and Doink condom distribution schemes.  

Not only can you access free condoms but you can also get free and confidential sexual health advice.  All you need to do to sign up is click the links below to find out more.

How do I sign up?

Step 1: Registration

most people start by filling out an online form, a young person in some cases will  then have a chat with a trained professional and be assessed for what is known as Fraser or Gillick competency. This means that if you are under 16, you are mature enough to understand what sex is and that you are assessed as needing information and guidance as well as condoms. Don’t forget, the age of consent for all young people (straight or gay) is 16. We take consent really seriously.

If you are really ready for sex, then you’ll probably need to:

  • Be able to talk about how to manage pressure to have sex and receive other delay messages
  • Demonstrate how to use a condom effectively and correctly
  • Understand the ways in which a condom can prevent STIs and pregnancy
  • Know what action to take if something goes wrong when using a condom
  • Understand how condoms can be damaged
  • Know how to dispose of condoms correctly
  • You will be given information about other sexual health services and other distribution C-Card/Doink sites

Step 2: Getting your condoms

Once registered, you can pick up condoms when you show your membership details in certain sites, some scheme providers also offer condoms via a free postal service. You need to get registered first though….

Torbay Doink

If you live in the Devon and Torbay region, and are aged 13 to 24, you can access free condoms online.

Click for doink

Somerset C-Card

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somerset c-card

Devon Doink

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click for doink

Cornwall C-Card

C-Card is free for anyone aged 13-24 living in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The C-Card condom distribution service lets young people aged 13-24 access free condoms, internal condoms (femidoms) and lube from a number of outlets.

click for Cornwall

Plymouth C@SHiP

The C@SHiP scheme is a confidential service which entitles anyone aged 13–24 living in Plymouth & Cornwall quick and easy access to FREE regular/latex free condoms every 12 weeks.

Plymouth c@ship

Gloucestershire C-Card

There are C-Card registration sites all over Gloucestershire, there is a variety of schools, colleges, universities and GP surgeries across Gloucestershire that take part in the scheme. To find your nearest C-Card site click the button below to email Glos C-Card.

Glos C-Card


Do you know about PEP and PrEP? Click here to learn about PEP and PrEP.

click for PEP & Prep


Click below to learn more about HIV testing and how you can access a free HIV home testing kit.

click for hiv testing

Condoms Direct

If you're over the age of 25 and don't meet the criteria for the condom distribution service you may be eligible for our Condoms Direct scheme.

Click for more info