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      The Eddystone Trust

      Test Drive

      Test Drive
      The Eddystone Trust is a sexual health charity based in the South West of England offering a range of services for people including HIV testing kits by post, C-Card packs, training and peer to peer support.

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      Test Drive South West

      Test Drive South West

      We are living in testing times, in response to the need to socially distance The Eddystone Trust teamed up with councils and clinics across the South West to offer you a free postal test service during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic.

      We felt the pandemic was the ideal time to reach people in a unique way and we are pleased to say that the Test Drive campaign was a great success in providing people with a home testng service during the pandemic.

      The campaign has now ended but if you're concerned or want more information about home testing or how we can help you then please contact us with any questions on: