The Eddystone Trust Black Lives Matter Statement

The Eddystone Trust Black Lives Matter Statement

The Eddystone Trust believes Black Lives Matter.

In the UK black and other minority ethnic people continue to experience unacceptable health inequalities. This extends beyond the current COVID-19 crisis and includes sexual health where they are disproportionately affected by HIV and poor sexual health. We are re-affirming our commitment to addressing all social inequalities in our day to day work and we recognise we could do better

We will take this opportunity to examine in detail how the Eddystone Trust works at all levels, including how decisions are made and how these translate into service delivery.

We will complete this work by the end of this year.

We will begin this work by making two specific commitments:

  • Centring the voices and lived experience of black and other minority ethnic service users in the process we are committing to undertake.
  • Ensure all our staff receive training in how to be effectively anti-racist in our work and interactions.

We recognise we are going to make mistakes; we expect to, but we commit to showing up, to be compassionate and to lead with empathy. We commit to continually learning, actively having conversations and challenging ourselves as individual workers and as an organisation.

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