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      Living with HIV - The Eddystone Trust
      Have you been recently diagnosed HIV+? 
      1. If you're diagnosed with HIV, you'll have blood tests which will monitor the progress of the HIV. This will be a HIV viral load test – a blood test that monitors the amount of HIV virus in your blood. You will also have CD4 lymphocyte cell count – which measures how the HIV has affected your immune system –
      2. Treatment, referred to as Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) can usually be expected to start straight away. This can be as simple as one or two tablets a day.
      3. You can live well with successful HIV treatment reaching an Undetectable Viral Load. This will mean you are untransmittable, unable to pass HIV on to another person. This is referred to as U=U, Undetectable = Untransmittable.

      Want to know more visit NAM  About HIV | aidsmap

      Living Well with HIV – What does this mean for me?
      1. You can expect to live as long as someone who is not HIV+ Great News!
      2. Be sure to take your tablet as prescribed by you HIV consultant – this is referred to as Medication Adherence
      3. Attend your appointments at the clinic – this plays a big part to living well with HIV
      4. Look after your Mental Health – it is not unusual to experience low mood, anxiety, feel as if your concentration is impaired, and insomnia. (this list is not exhaustive) This could be a sign of depression – if this is the case chat to your clinic as they may have a professional you can talk to, if not they will be able to refer you to a specialist mental health service. To find services available in your area please visit  Mental health charities and organisations - NHS (

      If you have any concerns, questions or just want to speak to someone about HIV then you can contact us at or on 0800 328 3508

      Questions and answers about HIV, The Eddystone Trust