Looking after your sexual elf this Christmas

Looking after your sexual elf this Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us, the year is drawing to a close and tis the season to be jolly. Many of you will be venturing out to party this Christmas season (and quite rightly so) but we just wanted to check in with you all before you do to remind you to look after your sexual elf this Christmas by making sure you take condoms with you when you have fun this festive period. All you need to is the following:

Visualise where you’re going to keep your condoms - it can be a wallet, pocket or a bag. Just somewhere safe where you know it will be with you on a night out
Say to yourself - “I’m going to put my condoms in my safe space” and picture where they will be when you need them
Put your condoms in your place before you go out and then you’re covered

Remember, carrying a condom isn’t just a “man” thing. We should all carry them and then you’ll know you’re covered this Christmas.

If you need us over Christmas we’ll be open on the non-bank holiday days, you can also see services in your area if you click here

We sincerely hope you all have a happy Christmas and a good New Year!!!

The Eddystone Trust.x
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