Long Time No Syphilis Campaign Extended

Long Time No Syphilis Campaign Extended

The Long Time No Syphilis campaign that have been promoting was due to finish in December, however Prepster have received additional funding to continue with the campaign. As a result we will therefore continue to be promoting Long Time No Syphilis within Plymouth until March. 

About the campaign

Did you know that syphilis is on the increase? The number of people in the UK diagnosed with syphilis has more than doubled since 2012.

Many of us haven't heard about syphilis, or know little about it. We think of it as something that was common in the 1970s and has gone away. But syphilis is back – and it's back in a big way!!!

If it’s left untreated, syphilis can have serious implications on our health. In its later stages, it can cause serious and potentially life-threatening problems.

Testing for syphilis is free and easy in the UK, but many people with syphilis don't know they have it. Treating syphilis means that it can't be passed on to sexual partners.

If you are based in the Plymouth area you can order a home test kit as part of the "Long Time No Syphilis"campaign now at


If you're concerned or want more information then feel free to contact us with any questions on:


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