Coronavirus Vaccine and HIV - what you need to know

Coronavirus Vaccine and HIV - what you need to know

Now that the coronavirus vaccines are being rolled out The Eddystone Trust is being asked whether or not the vaccine is safe for people who are living with HIV.  The short answer to the question is.


YES - it is widely thought within the scientific community that the coronavirus vaccine is safe for people living with HIV

Although people living with HIV were ommitted from initial clinical trials, studies have now begun involving HIV + groups and the early signs are that the vaccine is safe to be administered within these groups.

The British HIV Association has said the following:

 “There is no reason to think these vaccines will be less safe for people with HIV.  Both include some of the genetic material from SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) but not the whole virus. This means they are not live vaccines and so are no less safe in people with damaged immune systems.” 

We continue to keep an eye out for more data on the subject and will post results online as and when they are published

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