Community Leaders update

Community Leaders update

The first ever Community Leaders training is coming to an end and we think it has been an incredible success, bringing together individuals with a shared passion for helping LGBTQ+ communities improve their sexual health.

Community Leaders is a voluntary scheme that has enabled participants to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective advocates and leaders within their communities.  One of the most significant benefits of the Community Leaders training so far has been the sense of community that has developed among participants. 

Another key benefit of the Community Leaders training has been the focus on sexual health. LGBTQ+ individuals face unique challenges when it comes to sexual health, including increased barriers to accessing healthcare. By equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to address these challenges, the Community Leaders training is helping to improve the sexual health outcomes of LGBTQ+ communities.

So far the scheme has been fascinating and also very positive. It's bringing people together and giving them the space to work through complex/challenging issues which should make a difference to the communities we work with. It's been a really positive project so far and we’re excited to see our community leaders in action!

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