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      a positive space for positive women

      abortions terminating a pregnancy

      about gifts of shares

      about gum services



      advice for the under 16s

      am i pregnant

      are you worried

      assess my own sexual health knowledge

      become a friend of the eddystone trust

      black lives matter statement

      c card

      can i choose which cause to remember

      charitable trusts and foundations

      chemsex support

      chlamydia testing

      citizens advice bureaus

      coming out


      condoms and hiv the facts

      condoms by post

      contact us

      continuing a pregnancy


      cookie policy

      cornwall gum services

      corporate fundraising

      counselling directory

      covid 19 service statement

      devon gum services

      different strokes

      disability services


      dorset gum services

      eddystone staff

      eddystone trust everything

      educate myself

      emergency hiv treatment

      everything sex

      exeter gateway hiv support group

      framework for sexual health

      framework for sexual health

      free condoms

      free condoms are available by post

      fundraising events

      get involved

      get magazines online

      get referred

      getting a pregnancy test

      gifts in wills

      gifts in wills faqs

      gifts of land and property

      girls starting periods

      gloucester eddystone team test

      gloucestershire gum services

      gloucestershire peer support group

      gloucestershire womens peer

      gum clinics info for young people

      have your say

      he said

      healthy genitals

      hepatitis a

      hepatitis b

      hiv and substance abuse and use

      hiv and the over 50s

      hiv dietetic fact sheets

      hiv drugs factsheets

      hiv general fact sheets

      hiv home testing kits 2014 15

      hiv home testing kits 2015 16

      hiv prevention england

      hiv self test kits

      hiv services

      housing rents and benefits

      how can condoms help my sex life

      how can i prepare myself

      how can i stay safe

      how do i get hiv treatment and support

      how do i get referred

      how do i get tested

      how do i get tested for hiv

      how do i know if i have hiv

      how is hiv passed on

      how to become an eddystone

      how to book

      how to put on a condom

      how will my family feel about it

      i am a carer of someone with hiv

      i care for someone with hiv

      i work with people

      if i have hiv what are my human rights

      im not a wealthy person

      in a mixed status relationship

      information for existing volunteers

      internet dating tips

      interview with j

      is it a crime if someone passes on hiv

      is it important to talk about hiv

      is there a cure for hiv

      is there hiv in the south west

      isnt this a private matter

      its fine to say no

      ive decided to leave a gift

      job centres

      know the benefits of good sex

      know the facts about hiv and aids

      know the risks of unprotected sex

      know where to go for trans support

      legacies glossary

      legacies terms explained

      lesbian gay bisexual and trans links

      less risky sexual behaviours

      lindsays story

      links to other positive people

      lionel blue

      looking after me


      make sure youre covered

      making it count 4

      making it count briefing sheets

      mens talk south west

      national hiv testing week


      on line magazines

      ordering condoms

      ordering condoms by post

      our services

      payroll giving

      people like me with hiv


      plymouth gum services

      plymouth peer support

      police stop and search

      policies and procedures

      positive empathy group somerset pegs

      positive poems



      privacy notice


      putting on a condom

      qigong sessions

      questioning gender identity

      quickie information videos

      red ribbon pledge

      regular check ups

      safe cruising

      safe internet dating tips

      safer sexual activity

      see change in action

      service user involvement

      services near me

      sex and peer pressure

      sexual health and hiv manifesto

      sexual health and people

      sexual health outreach

      sexual health services

      sexual health skills

      she said

      should i talk about it with my partner

      signs of puberty

      somerset gum services

      somerset womens peer support

      south west statistics


      staff trustees patrons

      sti fact sheets

      street support group somerset


      talk about sex

      test drive

      test drive south west

      the eddystone trust mens health week

      the information standard

      the law and stigmatisation

      tips for the hiv negative partner

      tips for the hiv partner

      training standards and feedback

      training we offer

      treatment as prevention


      uk statistics

      under the influence

      undiagnosed infections

      using a condom stress free

      using condoms

      virtual lockdown social

      volunteer opportunities

      wear a red ribbon

      wear something red

      what are hiv and aids

      what are the symptoms of hiv

      what happens if i am stopped

      what if i am in a vehicle

      what if i need to change my will

      what if im accused

      what if the condom splits

      what is a stop

      what is a stop and search

      what is chemsex

      what is gift aid

      what is pals

      what is sexuality

      what you need to know

      whats the best way to tell someone

      when is transmission a crime

      when shouldnt i be stopped

      where can i be stopped

      where can i find condoms

      where can i get a c card

      where can i get condoms

      where we get our information

      where your money goes

      who should i tell

      why fund raise

      why should i tell people about my status

      why volunteer at the eddystone trust

      will my money be put to good use

      working for eddystone

      working for us

      working with child exploitation

      world aids day

      world aids day 2016

      world statistics

      wouldnt it be better to help now

      your rights and the police