Elephant in the room

Sexual health doesn’t have to be the elephant in the room, and we believe we should all be able to discuss sexual health.  That’s why we’ve put together this campaign to shine a light on aspects of sexual health that are seen as taboo - but shouldn’t be.


Condoms are by far the best prevention measure to protect from STI transmission.  Condoms can help reduce the risk of Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, HIV and unwanted pregnancy.  But that being said, we know that sex with a condom doesn’t feel the same as it does without it and that some people see it as a bit of a passion killer.  That’s why we want you to know that nowadays there’s a range of sizes, fits and flavours that can not only help prevent STIs but also increase pleasure and performance.  Check to see if you’re eligible for free condoms on the below links:

Condoms Direct
C-Card Scheme

STI Testing

Testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) doesn’t mean anything other than you’re conscientious about your sexual health.  We need to fight stigmas and misinformation around STI testing because EVERYBODY should make testing for STIs part of their sexual health routine.  Far too often people wait until symptoms show before testing, but some STIs can be present in the body without any symptoms, meaning that the only way to detect STIs and truly know is by testing regularly.  For information on testing (including home testing) visit the below resources:

HIV Home Testing with The Eddystone Trust
In-person Testing with The Eddystone Trust
Sexual Health Clinics Near Me


If you’re involved in the party scene and chemsex is a part of your life then we want you to know that it’s OK to feel how you feel.  Using strong drugs regularly can impact on your physical and mental health, but there are people you can talk to about your relationship with chems.  Whether you’re looking for safer ways to enjoy chemsex, or whether you’re really to explore stepping away from the party scene, we have an innovative service to help you.  For more information click here to find out more.