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      Coronavirus statement from The Eddystone Trust

      Since Lockdown 1 we have adjusted our services to meet the needs of people seeking sexual health advice/guidance/support.  In keeping with so many other charities, we have had to re-think how we do things.  We have learnt fast about using online methods to run social media campaigns, support groups, and training. 

      We have kept up condom distribution via post and testing via self-testing at home kits.  We have replaced face to face interactions with telephone calls and video calls and have kept in touch with people as much as we have been able to.  We’ve also been working on improving our website. 

      We will keep adapting and delivering according to the ongoing situation, and some of our online services have been so successful that they will remain, but, of course, we can’t wait to get back to delivering our services face to face in communities across the South West - we hope to see you soon. 

      Whether you are new to Eddystone or have known us for a while, we hope you have found what you need. 

      If not – contact us or 0800 328 3508

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